You can opt for the sterilizing setting, the dry setting, or both simultaneously. One of these products is the Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer. It also has the auto shut-off function to keep you stress free and relaxed. These take up hardly any space and can be accommodated in a purse while travelling. A steamer bag like the Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags is the perfect alternative for such parents.

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white noise machine baby While it is common to think that more capacity equals larger sterilizer, it is and may not be the case all the time. Make sure you opt for one that has the least number of controls and does not need to be dismantled for cleaning every time. Also, it is best to purchase a sterilizer which comes with a drying feature and does not leave the bottles wet after sterilizing. This ensures the least cleaning hassles for the bottles as well as the sterilizer itself. To know which size of the sterilizer you have to choose, you need to know your requirements. This depends on two factors – the number of bottles you want to sterilize at any given time and the type of bottles you use for your baby.

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It has the feature of fitting in small, medium and large size milk bottles which is one of its biggest advantages too. Avent bottle sterilizer is suitable for different kind of narrow and wide neck bottles. It works on a 6-minute cycle and shuts automatically after the stipulated time. The steriliser has a user-friendly design and is very simple to use which makes it one of the best bottler steriliser. Are you on the market for a simple and easy-to-use microwave sterilizer for everyday usage?

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The Dr Brown’s baby bottle warmer may need to be cleaned quite frequently to prevent mold issues. Besides, it offers the possibility to customize bottle warmer temperature to a precise value using the arrow buttons, which is a feature parents love. Traditionally, placing the bottle under hot faucet water or using a stove would be the solution for parents and the best way to heat up baby bottle. If you are unsure on how to find the best baby bottle for you, you can refer to our 3 part article on baby bottles. Read our tips on how to introduce a baby to the bottle, baby bottle types and also what are the best bottles for breastfed babies. We have seen babies taking any baby bottle brand given to them at random, whereas other babies are happy to take some baby bottles and not others.

And with the Options+ system, once your baby is past the colic stage, you can leave out the vent straw and continue using the bottles. Some parents prefer bottles with handles, especially as their baby grows and is able to hold the bottle more independently. Keep in mind that handles are an additional piece to clean and assemble. Wide-necked bottles allow for a wider nipple that’s meant to feel more like a real breast and appeal to breastfed babies.

This sterilizer bag even comes with a default power bank for a more portable function. Check if there are designated sections per baby item category such as a main chamber for the bottles; and a smaller tray or basket for the nipples, covers, and collars. For example, baby bottles have different shapes and sizes – there are standard neck and wide baby bottles. Baby bottle sterilizers come in many designs and configurations.

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The Kiddiluv Hygenie Pro is one of the highest rated and best bottle sterilizers available for purchase. Simple to operate and maintain, just by putting the bottles in the sterilizer and popping it in the microwave for a few minutes, results in sterile bottles and accessories for your baby. This unique design directs high pressure steam jets inside bottles to ensure that the deepest areas are still sterilized. The built-in drying rack is an extremely handy bonus for when you are rushed off your feet. For those that don’t know, research has shown that products made from BPA can bleed into the food and beverages that they contain. It has been proven that exposure to BPA can affect the prostate gland of foetuses, infants and children.

There is a need for a baby bottle warmer that can help in storing the breast pump and for reheating before administering to the baby after storage. Reheating can get done using stoves by heating gently so as not to interfere with the enzymes and nutrients. It is not permitted to use the microwave while heating the breast pump as they tend to destroy the nutrients through the use of radiation.